Friday, September 16, 2011

Testing Autodesk Sketchbook pro 2011

This week I found an image editor called Autodesk Sketchbook pro 2011, a light one,  (my old laptop runs it with no problem) a comfortable grapic media, intuitive and also fun!, it`s a good program for those who want   to use a tablet, make crazy doodles on the computer or do something pro!, but unfortunately I feel that it needs a couple of extra tools, forget the pen tool to make vectors !!, everyting here is "freeand" using different brushes.
 If you want to test it download the trial version from, as I told you it is tiny  =D.
And now I let you a little sample of that you can do with this little program.
The most of the time I make very simple things but now because of the fun of changing  the size of the brush (yes, on this program changing the size of the brush is fun! ) my doodles turn into something little more detailed, I hope you like it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New blog!!

Looking for a place to personalize where whe can post a new illustration, news or a curious note, whe decided to open this blog, hoping that it turns Fun!.

whell let start here with my last  "little work" for my partners of the Sbux, a cartoon of all of them in a simple style. I hope you like it, because I have fun making it.