Friday, April 6, 2012

Pika pest!!

Well people the surprise that I told you before is here, the post of today is the very example of  what I'm talking about, now my drawing place is going to be the home of two lines of comics, or web-comic that I'm gonna make.
 One line is simple, just some funny topic on it, no storyline, just funny things illustrated on it, the theme can be gaming, anime, daily life, whatever!.

And the second one, some original comic, of course made by me, one of them is Macha, it told us the history of a medicine student who is starting the school, lonely and depressed but his life change because of the introduction of an important girl on his life, yeah it sounds like a soap opera full of drama, romance, and all of those things, but it is because, Macha is like this!. So I hope you enjoy one or the other line or maybe the two! :D.

For now lets star with the funny comic, enjoy!

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