Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monster hunter hunted?

The illustration of today is the result of my time playing monster hunter 3 on the wii in this popular saga the gameplay is based on hunting dinosaurs and creatures like "monsters" as the title said and you playing the role of a human hunter but human after all, how could a little mammal like you defeat a gigant barrot or a ferocious Curopeco, easy, having super powers!. I know if you are a big fan of this game please don´t take my comments ofensive, is just my simple point of view.

Ok why I'm telling you this, well because only a "Super human" can hunt creatures under the water using a heavy armor and hitting them with a hammer made of iron!!. Yeah this is not a joke if you don't believe on my words search some pics or videos on the web.

For this reason I decided to illustrate a normal human hunting monsters on the water.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Long time no read you! Now I have a new illustrated phrase wich I read  in many places on internet and at the begining I don't know the real meaning and start to think on the person who type it spanking a monkey lol ,  yeah I'm a little inocent,  after that searching on the web I found more than 85 phrases to refer this"human activity", but this one is funnier for me.

I like how the human creativity can change something wich can be aggresive for some people and turn it into something inocuous.

Are you agree on this way to change the use of the language?, cause I love it and I'm sure it is been done on the whole world!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get a life and other phrases!!

With this pic I start a new dinamic on the blog, Applying phrases used on the daily life and illustrating it literally, I don´t know if this phrases are named in someway, but until I get the name, I'll call them "popular analogies" If you know some of it and want to see it represented here, just let me know!.

Today i'm posting one easy to represent "Get a life", I'm sure that you has been used it for at least one time on your life, or Didn't you?. I know there are some pic on the web with this theme, but now I show you my own version, Do you like it?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Two water pokemons!!

The post of today is about two pokemon which I like the most, with this post I start a series of illustrations about this creatures divided on elements, and today the chosen one is Water!
Also I used this to practice on illustrator and photoshop respectively .

Totodile illustrated using Adobe illustrator, looking to make him more agresive and grotesque, (like a real crocodile) for me is like making the original illustration into "Hi-res"!, what do you think about him now?

And the second one is Psyduck made in  photoshop, between you and me I'm not so good using it yet, but for this reason I'm practicing doing this kind of works to improve my skills, so there you have it. 
This adorable pokemon takes me more time than Totodile to finish, why?, because I feel better using the other software! Anyway the result is not so bad, don't you think?, It is like a Hi-res version too!

Ok, it is all for today, keep in tune for more illustrations soon! :D

Monday, July 30, 2012

Plumbers working

Many people think that the life of a plumber is so easy, yeah, is easy smashing some turtles, and funny creatures, jump walls, destroy some blocks, use fire flowers to incinerate all over your steps. eat mushrooms to grow up, and many many simple activities, all of this just to save the princess in turn.

But think it twice, because at the end of the day you must to cover your face with some weird  liquid of an unknown procedence. :S
Well people it is all for today, see you later, and don't forget to comment. :D

So, this is the reward for saving the princess for tenth time!?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yoshi eats a funny mushroom!

Hello again! I'm here to show you another funny comic, which was made in a starbucks waiting for a friend of mine, as you can see it is about Yoshi and Mario two character which I like the most!, with this comic I'm practicing a "new graphic style", I really apreciate the comments of it, if you like it or not , please let me know.

Oh yeah!, I almost forget, in coming weeks I will going to post some stuff of an original comic called "macha", it as been taken more time than I wanted because of my school duty takes much time. But now I finally have something made. :D

Well I think it is all for today hope you like it, see ya!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome Eduard Khil

Hello again!, some time has passed since I posted the last image, but finally I came back, with more energy than before, just let me tell you, that the event of my school was an  accomplished mission!, it cost too many time and work to make it ready but was a success. I hope I can run with the same luck the next year.

     Now on the topic, many events have occurred on the last weeks one of them was the unfortunate death of Eduard khil also known as Mr. Trololo for many people, because of his video (which turns into a meme)
where he sings an non-lexical version of the song: I'm glad 'cause I'm finally returning back home, 
sounds weird, don't you think? but this curious video  was a global internet phenomenom.
And the parodies of this video around the globe pops up some of them good some of then not so good, for example one of the famous appears on Family guy.

 For that reasons and because I like the video I posted today this illustration like a tribute, hope you enjoy it!

Until the next time Eduard Khil!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Epic win!!

People I'm happy now cause I won the contest of my school!! :D yeah my design won the first place! , now continuing with the tradition I must to decorate the whole building!!. With some help of course!, so it means I'm going to be really busy these days, but I gonna try to post any new illustration soon!

Anyway like the tradition of this drawing place, all the posts must contain at least one illustration so here is:

This is a simple design for a T-shirt, which become into a birthday gift for a friend of mine!. Because my friend George is a big fan of King of fighters and his favourite character is Maxima, I made this illustration for hes Tee  as you can see the text make the shape of the big hand of this strong robot!, the text says "Toma tu maxima" translated like "Take your maxima " remember he comes from a fighting game so this phrase can be used on many ways!
That's all for today people, see you around!! :D

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello people like I promise, the fuuny comics turns into a serious business, now I give you my new piece of art, the reason why I made this is because of all those comercials which sells fake and miracle products like, shoes to loose weight, or creams that burns your fat, and many "marvellous" products like that.
Ok, my mind starts to fly and create an hypothetical scenary, how can I sell "magical products" in mushroom kingdom?, yeah using a famous character like the mustached guy!, and this pops up in my mind!, hope you like it, and don't forget to comment, it makes me happy! :D.

Extra options if you like it :D

Want to download it?: Download link
Want to download the spanish version?: Download link

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pika pest!!

Well people the surprise that I told you before is here, the post of today is the very example of  what I'm talking about, now my drawing place is going to be the home of two lines of comics, or web-comic that I'm gonna make.
 One line is simple, just some funny topic on it, no storyline, just funny things illustrated on it, the theme can be gaming, anime, daily life, whatever!.

And the second one, some original comic, of course made by me, one of them is Macha, it told us the history of a medicine student who is starting the school, lonely and depressed but his life change because of the introduction of an important girl on his life, yeah it sounds like a soap opera full of drama, romance, and all of those things, but it is because, Macha is like this!. So I hope you enjoy one or the other line or maybe the two! :D.

For now lets star with the funny comic, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The attack of the zombie tooth!!

Hello everybody! today I got a message for you!: please, brush your teeth before it turns into  Zombies!! O_o.

Don't let happend the same as my friend Bullita, she doesn't take care of her teeth and now she is in a middle of an horror movie, full of pain, high sensitivity to cool and heat, and looking for a brave dentist to save her.

This illustration is a little old, I made it in illustrator CS3, the text on it says: JESUS CHRIST!! WHAT IS IT?, THE ZOMBIE TOOTH.

Hope you like it guys, I really want to know what kind of illustrations you like to watch here, so don't be shy, let me know what you think, see you on the next post!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Youtube talent reviewer

Today people I'm gonna to do a little comecial of a page, which belongs to friend of mine, it is  Youtube talent reviewer  and my friend is Tony Storm, Who asked me to make a series of illustrations of him but wearing a tuxedo an using a monocle, and yes! he use it on the real life! (nah! just kidding). But he want to look like this becuase  the nature of his blog, were he makes a review of many videos of a talented people in youtube, and he wants to look like a big expert.

If you are or not a geek of youtube you have to check hes blog, there are many interesting videos that maybe you like! :D
Later I'm going to post the rest of the series, See you later!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A mushroom in the knee

Hi everybody!! the post of today is going to be a little diferent of the others, because this time I don't gonna show you a simple illustration, this time is a comic of three!! don't you think I'm so generous?! :D

Two weeks ago I started  to play a famous game on the new era called "The elder scrolls V: Skyrim" this game is a monstrous medieval sandbox! developed by Bethesda, full of thing to do, quest, wild creatures, dungeons, monsters, races, and all of the beauties of this kind of games, and obviously colorfull NPC's .

Part of the fame of this game on the web is because of a phrase that some town guard  (NPC's)  repeat when the player walks near them (which become a meme), this phrase is  " I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee" in fact I knew about this game because of the phrase!

Ok, like a big fan of nintendo, and more specific, of Super mario brothers, I wonder, How can I put this meme on mario's world? and a mushroom pops up from a box!, yes! a mushroom in the knee :P.

Well I hope you enjoy the little comic,cause It takes some time to be made. This is first of a series of comics that I going to make, talking about different topics, I'm going to do my best to post them one per week, but if I can't  try to be patient :D .

This is all of today, remember if you want to see any topic in illustrated in here, let me know on the newest post, see you around!! 

these are examples of the phrase in the game: An arrow in the knee

Friday, February 3, 2012

The mysteries of a game!

Greetings to everybody! The topic of today is something different  of that I ussually post because I want to show you a different illustration style, but if you're here to see the anime girl of this week don't worry, soon I'm going to post something that you gonna love!! :D, well let's get started!

The illustration of today was created because of two reasons, the first one, it was a commission, and the second, a game called "la loteria". Explaining the second one "the game" it is a mexican traditional "lucky" game,  like "bingo". The players marks a tablet with illustrations when this illustrations are taken from a card deck by another kind of player called "el gritón" (Barker) , the first player who marks all the tablet wins, but he must to say loudly "loteria". The card deck is made of 54 cards each card has an item illustrated, this items has an important meaning of the mexican culture.

One of this items is "el catrín" it represents a rich guy walking around who apparently was an important people on the days that the game was created, when this card is taken from the deck "el griton" says: "Don Ferruco en la alameda, su bastón quería tirar." (Mr. Ferruco walking on Alameda, his staff wants to throw away), this apparently means Mr. Ferruco was a grumpy guy. But in the card he is smiling, Why?, maybe the original artist tries to do a  favor to Mr. Ferruco.

Do you know something more about this card? I'm glad to read it! :D

Well the other reason: one day a friend of mine ask me for an illustration, and I said: "Yes, what do you want?".
He answer - I want a illustration of me but like a "catrin" because I want to put it in my new web site!!-,
and I say - What?-.

And here is. He prefers another stile, and I'm still working on it, so wish me luck to accomplish this mission!.

 See you on the next post!.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Realistic pocket monsters!!

One of my favorite pokemons, the combination between a turtle and a "magic" pump of water, this is Squirtle!.
I decided to illustrate it like this because I think it looks so gentle to me. This pokemon is full of mistery, why?, because their attacks are based on throwing water, like all of the water proper monsters, and when I see it on games like the last smash brothers, it makes me wonder; From where all this water come from?? is  physically imposible, too much volume of water within such a small turtle!, and don't talk  how a yellow mouse can generate to much electricity :S.

But don't think bad about me, these are only questions that I ask, I'm not criticizing the creatures at all, big part of their charm is to make this imposible things, posible, also I'm a bit fan of the pocket monsters! :D
Maybe in next posts I publish a comic trying to explain mysteries like it.

Well I hope you like the illustration of the week and comment and if you Don't, comment too!! :P 
criticism are appreciated! 
 Until next time!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Samus and the late post!!

Well fellows sorry for the late posting of this week but I'm on exam period on the school so I'm very busy to post on the day that I have to, anyway here is a girl who many of you know very well, She likes to kick some alien balls and blow up space stations, planets,  and exterminate races of creatures only by the best pay! :P .

I love this bad girl, she is The most famous Bounty hunter of the universe, Samus Aran.

This illustration made with color pencils and acrilics is a part of one on my exams, unfortunately I made it in a run,  latter I'm going to detail it better and take a shot with a better camera, well only if you like the illustration.
The next week I'm gonna post two I hope you like it. see ya in a few days!