Friday, August 10, 2012

Two water pokemons!!

The post of today is about two pokemon which I like the most, with this post I start a series of illustrations about this creatures divided on elements, and today the chosen one is Water!
Also I used this to practice on illustrator and photoshop respectively .

Totodile illustrated using Adobe illustrator, looking to make him more agresive and grotesque, (like a real crocodile) for me is like making the original illustration into "Hi-res"!, what do you think about him now?

And the second one is Psyduck made in  photoshop, between you and me I'm not so good using it yet, but for this reason I'm practicing doing this kind of works to improve my skills, so there you have it. 
This adorable pokemon takes me more time than Totodile to finish, why?, because I feel better using the other software! Anyway the result is not so bad, don't you think?, It is like a Hi-res version too!

Ok, it is all for today, keep in tune for more illustrations soon! :D

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