Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello people like I promise, the fuuny comics turns into a serious business, now I give you my new piece of art, the reason why I made this is because of all those comercials which sells fake and miracle products like, shoes to loose weight, or creams that burns your fat, and many "marvellous" products like that.
Ok, my mind starts to fly and create an hypothetical scenary, how can I sell "magical products" in mushroom kingdom?, yeah using a famous character like the mustached guy!, and this pops up in my mind!, hope you like it, and don't forget to comment, it makes me happy! :D.

Extra options if you like it :D

Want to download it?: Download link
Want to download the spanish version?: Download link


  1. I enjoyed the change of mario ... I like getting those buns of fungi.

    I like the idea of comics!

    I love you

  2. the magic red mushroom can even turn your nationality from italian to french! sacre blu~

  3. Nice illustrations!!

  4. Great blog, I love it! And your illustrations are great, you have amazing talent.

  5. Loved this, keep the good work :D