Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Epic win!!

People I'm happy now cause I won the contest of my school!! :D yeah my design won the first place! , now continuing with the tradition I must to decorate the whole building!!. With some help of course!, so it means I'm going to be really busy these days, but I gonna try to post any new illustration soon!

Anyway like the tradition of this drawing place, all the posts must contain at least one illustration so here is:

This is a simple design for a T-shirt, which become into a birthday gift for a friend of mine!. Because my friend George is a big fan of King of fighters and his favourite character is Maxima, I made this illustration for hes Tee  as you can see the text make the shape of the big hand of this strong robot!, the text says "Toma tu maxima" translated like "Take your maxima " remember he comes from a fighting game so this phrase can be used on many ways!
That's all for today people, see you around!! :D