Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome Eduard Khil

Hello again!, some time has passed since I posted the last image, but finally I came back, with more energy than before, just let me tell you, that the event of my school was an  accomplished mission!, it cost too many time and work to make it ready but was a success. I hope I can run with the same luck the next year.

     Now on the topic, many events have occurred on the last weeks one of them was the unfortunate death of Eduard khil also known as Mr. Trololo for many people, because of his video (which turns into a meme)
where he sings an non-lexical version of the song: I'm glad 'cause I'm finally returning back home, 
sounds weird, don't you think? but this curious video  was a global internet phenomenom.
And the parodies of this video around the globe pops up some of them good some of then not so good, for example one of the famous appears on Family guy.

 For that reasons and because I like the video I posted today this illustration like a tribute, hope you enjoy it!

Until the next time Eduard Khil!!