Saturday, February 25, 2012

A mushroom in the knee

Hi everybody!! the post of today is going to be a little diferent of the others, because this time I don't gonna show you a simple illustration, this time is a comic of three!! don't you think I'm so generous?! :D

Two weeks ago I started  to play a famous game on the new era called "The elder scrolls V: Skyrim" this game is a monstrous medieval sandbox! developed by Bethesda, full of thing to do, quest, wild creatures, dungeons, monsters, races, and all of the beauties of this kind of games, and obviously colorfull NPC's .

Part of the fame of this game on the web is because of a phrase that some town guard  (NPC's)  repeat when the player walks near them (which become a meme), this phrase is  " I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee" in fact I knew about this game because of the phrase!

Ok, like a big fan of nintendo, and more specific, of Super mario brothers, I wonder, How can I put this meme on mario's world? and a mushroom pops up from a box!, yes! a mushroom in the knee :P.

Well I hope you enjoy the little comic,cause It takes some time to be made. This is first of a series of comics that I going to make, talking about different topics, I'm going to do my best to post them one per week, but if I can't  try to be patient :D .

This is all of today, remember if you want to see any topic in illustrated in here, let me know on the newest post, see you around!! 

these are examples of the phrase in the game: An arrow in the knee

Friday, February 3, 2012

The mysteries of a game!

Greetings to everybody! The topic of today is something different  of that I ussually post because I want to show you a different illustration style, but if you're here to see the anime girl of this week don't worry, soon I'm going to post something that you gonna love!! :D, well let's get started!

The illustration of today was created because of two reasons, the first one, it was a commission, and the second, a game called "la loteria". Explaining the second one "the game" it is a mexican traditional "lucky" game,  like "bingo". The players marks a tablet with illustrations when this illustrations are taken from a card deck by another kind of player called "el gritón" (Barker) , the first player who marks all the tablet wins, but he must to say loudly "loteria". The card deck is made of 54 cards each card has an item illustrated, this items has an important meaning of the mexican culture.

One of this items is "el catrín" it represents a rich guy walking around who apparently was an important people on the days that the game was created, when this card is taken from the deck "el griton" says: "Don Ferruco en la alameda, su bastón quería tirar." (Mr. Ferruco walking on Alameda, his staff wants to throw away), this apparently means Mr. Ferruco was a grumpy guy. But in the card he is smiling, Why?, maybe the original artist tries to do a  favor to Mr. Ferruco.

Do you know something more about this card? I'm glad to read it! :D

Well the other reason: one day a friend of mine ask me for an illustration, and I said: "Yes, what do you want?".
He answer - I want a illustration of me but like a "catrin" because I want to put it in my new web site!!-,
and I say - What?-.

And here is. He prefers another stile, and I'm still working on it, so wish me luck to accomplish this mission!.

 See you on the next post!.