Monday, January 23, 2012

Realistic pocket monsters!!

One of my favorite pokemons, the combination between a turtle and a "magic" pump of water, this is Squirtle!.
I decided to illustrate it like this because I think it looks so gentle to me. This pokemon is full of mistery, why?, because their attacks are based on throwing water, like all of the water proper monsters, and when I see it on games like the last smash brothers, it makes me wonder; From where all this water come from?? is  physically imposible, too much volume of water within such a small turtle!, and don't talk  how a yellow mouse can generate to much electricity :S.

But don't think bad about me, these are only questions that I ask, I'm not criticizing the creatures at all, big part of their charm is to make this imposible things, posible, also I'm a bit fan of the pocket monsters! :D
Maybe in next posts I publish a comic trying to explain mysteries like it.

Well I hope you like the illustration of the week and comment and if you Don't, comment too!! :P 
criticism are appreciated! 
 Until next time!


  1. that these censoring your drawings a little, okay, I would like to see something more feminine without being provocative, although I love your illustrations ... will continue to visit this page while you can! regards

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