Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monster hunter hunted?

The illustration of today is the result of my time playing monster hunter 3 on the wii in this popular saga the gameplay is based on hunting dinosaurs and creatures like "monsters" as the title said and you playing the role of a human hunter but human after all, how could a little mammal like you defeat a gigant barrot or a ferocious Curopeco, easy, having super powers!. I know if you are a big fan of this game please don´t take my comments ofensive, is just my simple point of view.

Ok why I'm telling you this, well because only a "Super human" can hunt creatures under the water using a heavy armor and hitting them with a hammer made of iron!!. Yeah this is not a joke if you don't believe on my words search some pics or videos on the web.

For this reason I decided to illustrate a normal human hunting monsters on the water.

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