Saturday, December 10, 2011

Designing T shirts!!

Do you like the Anime? well this week I have to show you an illustration made to be used in a T shirt, is a girl with a blue cap called Miky from an anime series called Shugo chara. If you know the series you will recognize that the shapes behind the head of Miky has a relation with her,  the shape of spades and egg are representative icons of Miky.
The short time that I have on this wold of Graphic design I learn something: "everything that you put on that you illustrate or desing, it must to have a reason".
On this case the shapes  are important for Miky on the series .
So if you one day want to make an illustration or any design, don´t forget "why", why this color?, why this shape?, if you don´t  do it is very probable that your desing don´t have the impact that you wants.

That´s all for today guys! comment! :D

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