Thursday, September 15, 2016


In a middle of a chat, I get the conclusion that my conscience must to be someone like her, similar to Pinnochio's the cricket guides the wooden child through the best path he knows to become a good guy who finally won the privilege of be a real child.

In my case if you don't know me enough, most of my personal work or personal art, I'm not talking about the work that I sell to a food company or a store, I'm talking about the work that I do for places like this where I use to relieve stress or share my things in an informal way is covered by this, let's call it philosophy, of  sexy cartoon, almost like Jessica Rabbit and some times too Hentai.

And maybe against what your logic tells is a fairly harmless activity, well this adjetive is another's day topic, what I'm trying to say is this small voice which talks to me in the deeps of my head tells me that doing what I do in the way that I do can drives me to be a real profesional.

Is she right? or maybe I need to ignore her more than I already do?

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