Friday, January 6, 2017

The three kings in Game of thrones

Today is the day we celebrate (in my country) to the three wise kings who give gifts to the new born Jesus. And my way to celebrate it is with a crosover a little rare if you ask me, but also fun.

What happend if this wise kings lived in game of thrones world? of course representing some of 
the famous houses that all we know.


King of the light, the first with his name, who give Gold from the King´s Landing region to the new born messiah in the begin of the Heroe´s era.

The king of the north, also known as "The treasure administrator" who carry the precious incense to the messiah, who´s is going to spread peace for all Westeros and beyond.

Known as the kingdom protector, who gives Mirra to the messiah in the name of Dorne.

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