Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What would Samus think about it?

The new Zelda´s video was released and the whole internet shows their excitement for the game, it makes me ask to myself, what would Samus think about it?
If you don´t catch the joke let me ask for your apologize, I´m not the best writer  in the world, I don´t even consider myself as a writer.
The joke comes because of my feelings, about the lack interest from Nintendo to Metroid series which this year is going to “celebrate” 7 years with no game, (No, Federation force don´t count) and the contrast with the carnival called Zelda and her crying anime school girl who gives the name to the game.
We all know that Metroid don´t sell the games as Zelda do, but, we are talking about a game wich has a Gender inspired in it.
What would Samus think about it?

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